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Happy Bday DuneWolf by Scifer Happy Bday DuneWolf by Scifer
GAH! Really sorry about the lateness. Had it done by last night, but DA seems to know if you're in a hurry on this network. >.<

Anyway, was 's birthday yesterday. She's a really cool artist I met in University, and a damn saint too. (well, to my knowledge anyway) :3

So Dune, this is for you. Sci and F, doing what anthro characters do best ...

Making ... weird ... hand gestures ... at each other ...

Yes. =D

F da Flea
Scifer Me, bitches.
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FoxOFWar Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2006  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
It has been some time since I last commented on your art... hasn't it?

Wow. You've really kept up the good work. I certainly hope you do so in the future too(unless some killer tomatoes attack here and eat us all, but that's another story...).

In short, good job *grin*
Star-F1ghter Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2006
I'd so join you doing weird hand gestures if it weren't for the party hat. each and every pointy party hat weirds me out so much that I can't even move for five minutes after I've seen one!

of course that was all lie, and the real reason is the physical boundary. no way I'm going to just jog over the norwegian ocean to england just to do hand gestures with you XD

then again, that's just a drawing, and it's not really hard to add extra character into drawings etc etc... so instead of pondering about meaningless things, I'll just shout "Blue jacketed badgerfox!!" until I pass out. *Thud*

soooo, to conclude, Smashing, d00d.

(why yes, it's 4am and no, I don't drink)
Scifer Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2006
It's 4 am yes. You dont drink = lies and herecy. xD

Thanks man!!
Star-F1ghter Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2006
no really I don't >.< the most alcohol I have taken was some new year's champagne :o so I guess I'm a heretic XD
snapthefox Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2006
shhweeet, I really like the background...makes a nice contrast with the characters!
acidshadow Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2006  Professional Filmographer
YAY! it'sa finished! seriously, i need to meet this gal. Her charecters are awsome XD
and yays! you use the static thing i taught you again! <3 it looks ace!
Scifer Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2006
They're in Static Hawaii, boogying down. xD
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December 7, 2006
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